Peter Dabrock is new member of the Foundation Board of Trustees

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The Protestant theologian and professor of systematic theology at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg succeeds Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Kuschel.

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Prof. Dr Peter Dabrock (*1964) is engaged in a broad spectrum of ethical issues. He is particularly concerned with the technical and (bio-)scientific infiltration of human life forms (this includes germ line intervention as well as artificial intelligence) and the conditions for social cohesion. From 2016 to 2020, he was chairman of the German Ethics Council (Deutscher Ethikrat). Before being appointed to the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in 2010, he was Professor of Social Ethics and previously Junior Professor of Bioethics at the Philipps University of Marburg. Peter Dabrock is, among other functions, a member of the EKD Chamber for Public Responsibility and the German Academy of Science and Engineering. For many years he was on the board of the Central Ethics Commission at the German Medical Association and a member of the "European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies".

The Board of Trustees is responsible for nominating the Peace Prize laureate of the respective year. Further members of the Foundation Council are: Klaus Brinkbäumer (journalist and programme director of MDR, Leipzig), Dr. Nadja Kneissler (publisher and member of the board of the Börsenverein, Hamburg), Felicitas von Lovenberg (publisher and member of the board of the Börsenverein, Munich), Ethel Matala de Mazza (Germanist at Humboldt University, Berlin), Bascha Mika (journalist, Potsdam), Raphael Gross (historian and President of the German Historical Museum, Berlin) and Moritz Helmstaedter (physician, physicist and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt am Main). The Chairwoman of the Foundation Council is Karin Schmidt-Friderichs (publisher, Mainz), who has been the head of the Börsenverein since October 2019.

The search for candidates for the Peace Prize is open to the public: citizens can submit their proposals until 1 March 2021. The Foundation Council will announce its decision in June 2021. The Peace Prize will be awarded at the end of the Frankfurt Book Fair on 24 October 2021 in Frankfurt's Paulskirche.