Peace Prize 2019 / Sebastião Salgado

Laudatory speech: Wim Wenders / Award ceremony on 20 October 2019

Peace Prize 2018 / Aleida and Jan Assmann

Laudatory speech: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

Peace Prize 2017 / Margaret Atwood

Laudatory speech: Eva Menasse

Peace Prize 2016 / Carolin Emcke

Laudatory speech: Seyla Benhabib

Peace Prize 2015 / Navid Kermani

Laudatory speech: Norbert Miller

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"Our planet is in peril." Appeal of Sebastião Salgado for Climate Action Day

The Peace Price winner of this year appeals to raise the voice on 29 November 2019: "On Climate Action Day, we can ring bells of alarm; during the rest of the year we must act. We have no choice."